Friday, May 22, 2015

What's Happening!

Last Saturday I spent the day with the lovely ladies of Sackville Threaders Quilter's Guild in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia., teaching them how I approach free motion quilting.

When I arrived at the community centre, a bit before nine, the room was already humming with the chatter and buzz of 21 quilters setting up machines and getting ready for a day of quilting. I was a bit nervous about how I was going to handle 21 beginners with 21 different sewing machines, but mostly we had no problems and everything went along very smoothly.  Here's an example of three quilters and their progress.

I gave a little trunk show before starting off and then we were in full swing with swirling and meandering and loop de looping. We even made feathers.   I was very impressed with how well everyone did.  Thanks for the great day ladies, and thanks for the delicious pizza for lunch! Hope to see you all again sometime.  

I have another class to teach on Monday at It's Sew Time in Elmsdale. Looking forward to meeting more excited quilters and helping them to get started on making free motion quilting a part of their quilty lives.

My lovely little guild, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, is participating in a cushion cover swap with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild in the near future. We are swapping 16" cushion covers with envelope backs.   I finally decided on the pattern I wanted to make.  I had bought a kit, complete with the fabrics to make two pillows, the pattern from Jaybird, a few years ago.  I made the first one and trimmed it all up nice and pretty to exactly 16 1/2" and then decided to quilt it with very close wavy lines and the darn thing shrank up to 15"!  So, now I will make the second one and make sure not to trim before quilting. Tomorrow is our guild Sew-In Day so that is what I will be sewing up.

My lovely friend, Karen @ Kaholly, was lucky enough to be able to attend Quilt Con in Texas last February.  And being the lovely friend that she is, she sent me a little souvenir because she knows how much I would have loved to have been there.  This license plate-looking rectangle of cotton was just the perfect little gift to inspire me to make something new. 

So, I made a new tote bag to take with me when I go to Westville on May 30 to attend the Thistle Quilt Guild's annual quilt show. Here is the free pattern that I used.  

I made the front pocket from scraps/trimmings of a new quilt I just made with Handcrafted by Alison Glass

 Not only will I meet up with Karen at the show but I will also be meeting up with Sheila of Sheila's Quilt World and Lesley of the Cuddle Quilter.  We call ourselves the Nova Scotia Quilting Bloggers Quartet!  The  Thistle Guild is Sheila's guild so we will get to see her quilts that will be on display.  Looking forward to that. Also, we will be exchanging our swap projects that we made over the winter.   Also, I will be accompanying Chris, the owner of Patch Halifax, and assisting her in setting up her sales table as she will be a vendor at the quilt show.  If you are attending the quilt show, I hope you will look for me and say hello. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you had time to get some quilting done today.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my giveaway is   #51
                                     Bernie KringelMay 12, 2015 at 2:24 PM
So glad to have found your blog. I love your work and just pinned a few pieces for future inspiration. I also just started to follow you via email subscription. Tried to find you via bloglovin but couldn't??

I am waiting to hear back from Bernie and then I will get her three fat quarters in the mail.

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and left a comment.  I really appreciate it.  Our MMQG Blog Hop was a ton of fun and I now have several new quilty friends.  How awesome is that!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Finish for Me

My most recent finish is my rendition of a pattern called "Soul Searching" by Kathy Doughty from her book " Making Quilts".

I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it on Kevin the Quilter's blog back in 2013.  Love his rendition in blues and purples.  He is a scrappy quilter, like me.
 I immediately ordered Kathy's book and set to work cutting strips from my ton of older scraps. I had been wanting to make a quilt with a modern design but using up my older scraps.  I discovered that I was running short and needed a few brighter colours to add to the mix.  So, with help from a friend's scrap bag,  I had the brightness I wanted and I am calling my version "Searching for Scraps"
I completed the piecing in fall of 2013 and then it just sat......until just recently when I decided to quilt it up. 

I used two different wavy stitches on my Pfaff QE4.0 and stitched straight across from side to side and the resulting texture is wonderful! 
Thread - Wonderfil Tutti 50# Colour TU38 - a very subtle variegated beige  
Needle - Superior Titanium 80/12 Topstitch needle
Measures - 85" x 72"

Don't forget to enter my giveaway.  Click here

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Day on the MMQG BlogHop

Welcome to my blog and Happy Mother's Day to each and every Mom out there.  Especially mine!
  83 years old and still rockin'

Today is my day on the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild's Blog Hop.  Check out the guild's blog  or the Facebook page for lots more info.

You can scroll through and see photos of all the fun we have at meetings and Sew-Ins.  We would love it if you would follow our blog and perhaps join in a meeting or Sew-In so you can see for yourself.

Since I joined the guild, my quilty life has exploded!  I am surrounded by like-minded, talented, amazing quilters.  I am so inspired and motivated that it scares me.
Creativity that I didn't know I had, comes pouring out.  I have produced a lot of quilts and quilty things in the past year and half, since joining. I have taught classes in free motion quilting and fabric postcard making too.  You can check out the tabs under my header if you would like to see more of my projects, older and newer.

Even though I have been making traditional style, handquilted quilts for family and friends for the past 20+ years, since joining MMQG I have found my happy place...Improv piecing, free motion quilting, original design, solid fabrics, pieced backings, using traditional fabrics in a modern design and vice versa and of course, collecting scraps of fabric. Lots of scraps.  I have been known to dig other quilters discarded fabric scraps from the trash and make something useful.    Also, and most importantly, I have made many new friends, wonderful new friends.  I also hold the position of the guild member in charge of Social Media, which is such an integral part of  modern quilting. 

Here are some examples of quilts/quilty items I have made since joining MMQG ....finding my happy place

                                        -Improv piecing - 

                               - Free motion quilting -

Improv pieced from scraps from another project

queen size quilt that I Free motion quilted on my domestic machine ( Christmas 2014 as a wedding gift)

                                  - My original designs -

                                       - Solid fabrics -

                                     - Pieced backings -

Centre strip pieced from leftovers from front

                                    - Alternate settings -

                        - Using traditional fabrics in a modern design -

traditional fabrics, traditional Rail Fence block in modern design, by Me

My rendition of "Soul Searching" designed by Kathy Doughty

....belonging to this fresh, welcoming, modern guild  has changed my world and my family loves how happy I am lately.

My little giveaway might help add to your stash or it may inspire you to make something modern that has been lurking in your quilty mind. To be entered, just leave me a comment, any comment.  I hope you will mention that you will be following along with either my blog or MMQG blog.  It's OK if you dont want to, but I would love it if you did.   For the giveaway, three fat quarter cuts from Metro Living by Robert Kaufman.  The giveaway is open to everyone, anywhere, until Friday, May 15 at midnight Atlantic Time.  Good Luck!

Tomorrow is Jeanette's Day on the MMQG BlogHop.  Stop by and check out what's going on in her quilty world.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, May 5 - Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge
Wednesday, May 6 - Adrienne @ Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
Thursday, May 7 - Tracy @ Quilting on the Dark Side
Friday, May 8 - Anja @ Anja Quilts
Saturday, May 9 - Val @ Purple Boots and Pigtails
Sunday, May 10 -  Linda @ Scrapmaster  (ME)
Monday, May 11 - Jeanette @ Stamp Stitch Create
Tuesday, May 12 - Dominique @ The Running Thimble
Wednesday, May 13 - Aimee @ Candy Coated Quilts

Monday, May 4, 2015

Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop!

My regular followers know how much I adore my lovely little guild, the
  Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.    We are an awesome group of  41 quilters of all ages and skill levels based in Halifax/Dartmouth,N. S. area with members in all parts of the Maritimes.

In order for you to get to know our members and learn more about our guild, we thought what better way than to have a Blog Hop. Each day, from May 5th to 13th, different guild members with blogs, will write up a special blog post just for the Hop, in order to showcase their quilty works and to tell a bit about themselves.  I hear there may be giveaways as well!  I hope you will stop by the featured blog each day to check out what is going on.  My day is Sunday, May 10.  Hope you will stop by and say hello.

 Here is the schedule:

Monday, May 4 - Introduction by Maritime Modern Quilt Guild
Tuesday, May 5 - Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge
Wednesday, May 6 - Adrienne @ Chezzetcook Modern Quilts
Thursday, May 7 - Tracy @ 
Quilting on the Dark Side
Friday, May 8 - Anja @ 
Anja Quilts
Saturday, May 9 - Val @ 
Purple Boots and Pigtails
Sunday, May 10 -  Linda @ Scrapmaster
Monday, May 11 - Jeanette @
 Stamp Stitch Create
Tuesday, May 12 - Dominique @ The Running Thimble
Wednesday, May 13 - Aimee @ 
Candy Coated Quilts

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What's Happening!

I returned home Friday evening from my trip to Vancouver.  I spent most of Saturday sleeping off the 4 hour time difference.  Today I slept in a bit too but now I am back to normal (my description of normal). I am really behind in blog reading etc, but way ahead in fabric buying! 

It was just wonderful to spend time with RetiredHub's family in Maple Ridge and North Vancouver. My first time meeting most of them.  
Claudine loved the quilt I made for her.  What a sweetheart she is.  

We stayed in downtown area and used the SkyTrain, bus system and the West Coast Express, and our two feet to get back and forth for visiting the families.  It was fun but my little body did complain!  I am just not used to so much activity in a day. I would do it all again though.  Vancouver is an awesome city.  The time went too quickly and there was lots more to see, so I think we will be returning.  

We did get the chance to visit two modern quilt shops.  The Spool of Thread and The Cloth Shop.  A must-visit if you are in Vancouver.  
Spool of Thread

The opposite wall had the same amount of shelving.

Spool of Thread

I didn't get any photos at The Cloth Shop, but be assured, it was awesome!  The ladies working there were lovely and very helpful.  It is located in the Granville Market.  They tell me that they will be doing online ordering soon.  
Some of my purchases

You will be seeing these new lovlies showing up in my quilts in the near future.

Hope you have a chance to do some quilting today.  I am going to sort my new fabric and find a place for it in my stash.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Postcards from the Garden"

I love to make and receive fabric postcards, I love to teach others to make fabric postcards.  So, when I received my little bundle of fat 1/8ths of Riley Blake's, "The Cottage Garden" from the
Modern Quilt Guild as the fabric to be used in their Spring Challenge, I knew just what I had to make.
A postcard quilt!  of course!  Debbie @ A Quilter's Table came up with the idea last year.  Check out her blog for the details. 

I changed mine up a bit, using ink to stamp postage related words on the postcard "backs" .  I had a piece of fabric that was covered with different antique looking postage stamps so I cut them out and appliqued them on too.  
I used a variegated Aurifil 50# thread in shades of white to medium grey #4060 (very nice).  The very subtle colour change in the thread gave the quilting an antique look.    I quilted it all in free-motion.  Continuous feathers diagonally through the postcard "backs" and straight lines through the "fronts" Love it so much!  It is now hanging in my kitchen.

A close-up of a few of the "postcards"

Hope you had a quilty day!  I sure did.  I had four of my MMQG guild mates join me at my house today and I showed them how to make fabric postcards.  What fun! (you can see a bit of  my postcard quilt hanging on the wall)

Dena's postcard

Anja's creation

Cathy is still working on her postcard

Shauna's creativity starting to take shape.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jamie's Quilt - DONE!

I have finished the last of the four projects of my "March is Machine Quilting Month" goal. So it took me a month and half...not bad, I say!    Just needs to go for a round in the washer and dryer and then sew the label on and I will be able to give it to my nephew, Jamie.  He is currently in New York City on a business/pleasure trip and I can't wait for him to get home so I can give it to him.  He is in the midst of obtaining his doctorate in audiology so I named his quilt, "DECIBEL" as I am sure he deals with a lot of those during his day.  I have chosen to leave the black parts unquilted.  I think it works just fine.
"64 x 80"

Here is a shot of the back.  I made the strip in the centre from scraps of the front.  So nice to be able to finally take a photo on the back deck.

Here are a few closeups of the quilting.

  I used Aurifil 50# thread , colour #2024 (white). I love Aurifil  thread because of the thinness and the fact that it is very lint free which is good for your machine.  Also, you can wind a lot more on a bobbin and that helps so much when machine quilting on your domestic.
For a needle, I used my favourite, Superior Titanium 80/12 topstitch needle.( I actually use a topstitch needle for all my sewing) The quilting went along like a dream. Although, my shoulder is very sore that past few days from intense quilting.  Note to self...take more breaks!
I experiment with different threads and needles a lot, but I find this combo works very well for me when quilting larger quilts. I trust that it will be problem-free so I can get the job done and be happy with my results.
This is my personal preference only.  I think experimenting is essential for quilters and the best way to find out how different thread weights and needle sizes work.  There is such a lot to know.

And..the label.   I love this part of quilting.  It's like sending a piece of me off into the world (corny, I know)

I also wanted to show you a lovely strippy quilt that my QuiltySister in Qatar made.  She was really inspired to get some quilting done after her visit here not long ago.  All machine quilted and bound!

Jelly Roll Race quilt 
I am getting very excited to visit Vancouver soon. I have been checking out where all the quilt shops are of course!  If you think there is anything I must see, please let me know.

Hope you have a quilty day!  I am!